Power and Influence
The Rules Have Changed
by Robert L. Dilenschneider

Your future is at risk. All the old rules of power and influence have changed. To succeed you need to understand and embrace the new rules. Technology and the era of globalization have revolutionized the ways to build, keep, and assure success. To cope with these changes, adapt, and accomplish your goals, you not only must gain power, but apply it with wisdom.

In Power and Influence: The Rules Have Changed, master power broker and communications maestro Robert Dilenschneider arms you with the intellectual, technical, and moral weapons - the power tools that you need to get ahead and stay ahead in this increasingly competitive world. He reveals how by acquiring the power and influence you seek and wielding it in a techno-savvy, ethical manner, you can not only advance your personal interests, but also shape a more prosperous future for society at large.

What People Say...

“Dilenschneider strongly illustrates how being a true power player-now more than ever-means accepting responsibility, taking the heat, and keeping your word.”
-Father Theodore Hesburgh, president emeritus, University of Notre Dame

“This book is an important read for all, whether you are first starting out, or in the middle, or at the height of your career path. Bob Dilenschneider's analysis is extremely concise and very insightful. In this rapidly changing economic and financial world, those who will apply diligently his ten principles undoubtedly will benefit enormously.”
-Henry Kaufman, President, Kaufman and Co., author of On Money and Markets, A Wall Street Memoir

“These ten rules from a master of the power game will change your career-and maybe your life.”
-Maria Bartiromo, Anchor, “The Closing Bell with Maria Bartiromo”

“I have seen the power game up close for many years. Whether you are getting your first big job or retiring at the top of your game, Robert Dilenschneider's ideas will help you reach your goals without selling your soul.”
-Alex von Bidder, Owner, The Four Seasons

In the Blogosphere

“Power and Influence” has become a subject of much interest and commentaries within the blogosphere, as illustrates this excellent blog hosted by Raleigh Sterling, devoted to comment on the topics raise by the book.


Dilenschneider column in The Strategist: New Power Rules
for PR Pros
Author Robert L. Dilenschneider wrote a piece entitled 'The New Power Rules PR Pros Should Know About' in the Spring issue of The Strategist, which can be read right here.
Esquire: Power and Influence tops racks of 'power' books
According to an inset article in the February 2008 issue of Esquire, among the plethora of books on influence and power, Robert L. Dilenschneider's book is 'remarkable because it survives in your mind in small ways, veering productively and spryly toward lessons about humility, adaptation, and change as a means of gaining power.'

Read it here as a PDF extract.
Recorded Interview for ExpertsOnline.tv
Check out online the recorded audio interview of Robert L. Dilenschneider for ExpertsOnline.tv in which the author of Power and Influence introduces the key elements of the book. Part one and two can be found here and here respectively.
Robert Dilenschneider interviewed by Bottom Line
For their February 2008 issue, Bottom Line interviewed the author of Power and Influence. The resulting article entitled "How to Be More Powerful Without Putting People Off' can be read here (pdf).
Notre Dame Magazine profiles Robert Dilenschneider
Robert L. Dilenschneider, who holds a B.A. from the University of Notre Dame, was profiled by the University's Alumni magazine. The article provides some extra insight to the achievements of the author of Power and Influence, readable as a PDF file here.
Newsweek's Richard M. Smith interview with Robert Dilenschneider
In the latest of his series of interviews as part of the Kaplan - Newsweek M.B.A. program, Newsweek's Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Richard M. Smith spoke with Robert L. Dilenschneider about managing corporate images - and about his new book.

You can read an extract of this interview here, along with a short video.
Robert L. Dilenschneider's new commentary in The Advocate
Read the author's comment published in The Advocate titled 'Providing a blank electronic check to entrepreneurs', right here. (PDF)

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